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Kibo is Francis Pegler's chosen ecommerce payment fulfilment partner.

When you purchase Francis Pegler products, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands, both with your products, and with purchasing online.  Kibo manages the order process by transitioning your order through to very carefully selected Francis Pegler retailers who will fulfil your order.

When you have selected your products, and wish to check out, you will be automatically transferred to the Kibo secure payment portal (it works in the same way as systems such as PayPal), and you will be asked for your details in order to progress with your purchase (name, invoice address, delivery address etc), and your payment will be taken through totally secure servers.

Founded in September 2000, with offices in USA and UK, in excess of 1,000 brands now use Kibo worldwide, and over 20,000 online stores. Kibo is the leading ecommerce retail integrated platform worldwide.

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